Monday, July 11, 2005

Blogging Made Simple

I've never mentioned this before, but there is one man out there who I truly despise more than all others. His tiny head and toned body taunt me from the television and yet I can't look away. He's a freak, a terribly annoying freak. He is John Basedow, of Fitness Made Simple Fame. I'm sure you know who he is if you watch cable television. He's always on there, dressed like some early 90's hulk with a pin-head trying desperately to hawk his product. I can't stand him. Apparently, neither can the main-stream media (albeit second tier main-stream media). In this article from the, columnist Brad Stanhope (that's made-up if you ask me) expounds on the disturbing nature of John Basedow:

Basedow appears to be either an alien or some sort of computer-production by a crazed advertising genius. He has wavy, sand-colored hair and a boney face atop a body that looks like it came from somebody who swallowed a month's supply of steroids while living at the gym.

Is this perhaps a case where the bodybuilder has some hideous deformity, so they got some guy from accounting to become his new face? It looks as if they grafted Andy Gibb's head onto Lou Ferrigno's body (which you understand if this is still 1978).

Basedow continues to pitch product, his hair color changing regularly but his head staying wrong for his body. And rather than listen to the price or the benefits, I stare at his otherworldly appearance, wondering what happened.
I agree. Basedow is a freak and needs to be stopped. If you have no idea who John Basedow is, here's a link to a picture of him. I refuse to post his picture in this forum, because as I said, he just freaks me out. Creepy, creepy dude. . . .

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