Monday, July 18, 2005

Welcome, Aloha, Shalom Sinoway!

As you may or may not have noticed, NegativeMode has a new member ... Sinoway. Sinoway is something of an enigma. Shorn yet hirsuite, sharp as a whip yet dull as a 10 watt bulb, ravishingly handsome yet repulsively objectionable, Sinoway is all of these things at once while at the same time none of these things. I hope that you will enjoy his "unique" outlook on life as much as I have the past 30-odd years. NegativeMode looks forward to you contributions Sinoway. . . .

Incase you'd like to learn more about Sinoway, feel free to check out the following links (like I said, he is very diverse, and quite enigmatic, as his various industries and holdings will show):
Impressive, eh?

: If my ramblings are making little to no sense, that's because a) I was never all there to begin with, and b) I've been driven completely insane by my bar exam preparations. The sh*t is neverending, mindboggling, and completely draining. Really, it's a joy.

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