Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nothing Like a Good Fart Video

This link goes to an awesome video of my hero. It's a video of a guy who lights a candle on fire with his farts and a lighter. It's truly amazing. What I can't decide, however, is whether or not this is real. I mean, it looks real to me, but I want to know what you out there think. I know you NegativeModers have to have lit your farts on fire (again, I'm looking in your direction DJ Skuggs).

What do you think? Real or not? And if real, do you think I can do it?


djskuggs said...

while we're on the subject of farts, congratulations to joe pa for penn state's miserable triple overtime victory over florida state, a team that lost at home to n.c. state (which fnished with a 7-5 record) and that got throttled by my clemson tigers.

JoePa said...

Your Clemson Tigers? You didn't go to Clemson, you went to DIII Davidson. What was their record?

Clemson was 7-4. Penn State was 11-1. Don't be bitter.

sheepfilms said...

Hello. I can confirm for definite that it is a fake - I made the video! I can send you proof if you want. Thanks for linking to my video!

NegativeMode said...

Awesome man. I figured that that kind of methane production wasn't possible, but I look at that as more of a challenge. Either way, I watched the video over and over and laughed every time, real or not (although I don't know if that says more about me or your video).

If you have any more classy vids, let me know and I'll be the first to post/link them. Keep up the good work!

NegativeMode said...

I just checked out your website, Sheepfilms. Good stuff. I liked monitor molestation among others.

Anonymous said...

This really is possible, but just not like in this video. It doesn't look like a torch, but more of a small fireball. If you want to try it, then do as I did, eat steak and eggs for breakfast. A bowl of chili is optional. Then petit brew, holding in any farts until you feel the big one. Trust me, you'll know.

Anonymous said...

I said petit brew instead of let it prew.. My bad

Anonymous said...