Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ode to Duluth

Fly high Duluth
Your spirit has no measure
Fly high Duluth
The northland is your treasure
We got people walkin' talkin'
Critters squeaky squawkin'
Yeah we got it all right here
Fly high Duluth!

Fly high Duluth
On the wings of emotion
Fly high Duluth
Your spirit is the potion
People tryin' buyin'
Kids are spyin' lyin'
Old folks lyin' dyin'
Oh we got rebels makin' love in the streets everyday, yeah...
Fly high Duluth!

I know a little place called Duluth town
Way down there by Mexico
The women are loose and the booze is cheap
So if you need good lovin' then you know you gotta stay
Fly high Duluth!

[spoken]: I am Wally Hammerlich, and this is my she-tiger, mate for life, Shar

Fly high Duluth!

Feel that achin' and a breakin' in my old dungarees
For a big legged woman named Sally Sleazy Skeezer
She only need one look at my old trouser weasel
And I throw myself down on her sweet cherryloo
Fly high Duluth!

[spoken]: Uh oh, I see my main man Stack Sanchez a comin' my way, and I think his axe has something to say about this!

[guitar solo]

[spoken] Let's bring it way down guys, bring it way down


Now let me kick it out to you people like this
See, we got a lot of crazy stuff going on in this country today
We're out there dying in the streets every day
You dig?
Hit me!

Go Thunderbird Spirit!
I see Old Glory a wavin' on the horizon
I see the tattered standard of an invading army
And their numbers are legion
Hit me two times!

Mama! Don't you point that gun at me
I said please mama! Don't you point that gun at me
Because my love
Is consecrated
In the blood of the Apache nations
Oh Duluth, yeah!

Now wrap your head around this

[drum solo]

Everyone give it up for my man Freddie Fingers on the thunder machine!

Fly high Duluth
Fly high Duluth
Fly high Duluth
Fly high Duluth
Fly high Duluth
Fly high Duluth
I can't year you!
Fly high Duluth
Fly high Duluth
Oh sweet Lordy, tell me what we're doing now

Yeah I can feel it
Way down in my loins, my loins, my loins, my loins, my loins, yeah


Fly high Duluth!


This song appeared on SNL last Saturday, performed by Scarlett Johansson and Will Forte, and these lyrics were transcribed today during my lunch hour. You can view the video here.


NegativeMode said...

Am I to understand that you spent your lunch hour listening to that video and then transcribing it on NegativeMode? If so, that's awesome, and gives NegativeMode an exclusive, does it not? Well done. Excellent use of a lunch hour.

PositiveMode said...

For now anyway, yes, it is exclusive. Now that I think about it, that is sort of exciting.

Only the best for NegativeMode!

NegativeMode said...

That's pretty funny. I think I still like the Chronicals of Narnia rap better though.

PositiveMode said...

Narnia is funny, but it doesn't have Sally Sleazy Skeezer. Also I didn't have that song in my head for 5 days.