Friday, January 20, 2006

A Short Play -- by PositiveMode

Being Difficult in America
a short play by Bill Walsh

BILL: Hey, Matt, have you seen the new design of the Doritos bag?

MATT: I'm too cool and sophisticated in my snacking habits to notice such a thing. Don't annoy me with your plebian questions!

BILL: You've never seen a Doritos bag?

MATT: Never! That's not exactly true. I used to eat them every day in college. And I've heard of obscure varieties that I doubt YOU have ever heard of.

BILL: Right, the Salsa Verde kind. Those aren't even that spicy. Hey, remember that extended discussion we had about the "Now Better Tasting" claim on the Doritos bag at the grocery store near your apartment in DC? Well the bag doesn't look like that anymore.

MATT: I've had enough of your accusations!

The End

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