Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And What´s The Deal With Count Chocula?

I mean are we supposed to be afraid of this guy?

I arrived moments ago at the easyinternet cafe and found Matt furiously working on a new blog Post, and offered him some words of affirmation regarding a few spelling questions [update, I just offered actual spelling advice, not just affirmance]. Then I told him I could beat him to the ´post´, as it were. Hopefully I just did (although if I win this battle, the close proximity of the posts sadly assures that his will appear above mine in Blog Order. Oh, the woes of internet publishing protocol).

[Pre-post Update: NegativeMode got his post up first. A triumph, at least, for the primacy of my post on the Blog]

Things I did not expect to learn today: (1) a BMW 1150R is fully capable of supporting the weight of two adult American males; (2) I am capable of driving a vehicle under such conditions; (3) NegativeMode is capable of not wilting in terror under these circumstances, and I at least know that if any screaming did occur, the wind noise at such speeds is capable of drowning it out, as I did not hear any.


Negativemodemom said...

I can't wait to see the photos of this experience!

Anonymous said...

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