Friday, August 26, 2005

Czech Mate

I am currently waiting for my Philly cheesesteak to be ready (it is a Prague speciality) so I will fill you in on what I've been up to.

When I last wrote, I said I was going to the Vegetarian restaruant recommended by my sister. We ended up not going there, but going to a traditional Pragian restaurant instead. It was good. I had goulash (my wiener goulash is much better though). Also, they made their own beer, so we tried a sample of each. They had banana, cranberry, cherry, nettle (no idea what that is, tasted like pepper), coffee, and wheat. I didn't like any of them that much, but did like their regular pilsner. Did you know that pilsner was invented in the Czech Republic? It was, and they like it here. So do I.

After dinner, we went and drank cheap beer at a bar called Atmosphere. We both got Hoegaardens that were as big as Mia´s head (she has a small head, but they were big beers). Then we had some beers with some nice Brits we met. Lovely.

Yesterday we spent most of the day in the Jewish Quarter at the "Jewish Museum". The museum actually consists of 6 synagogues that were constructed anywhere from 400-100 years ago. It was very good, very informative, and nice to finally see some synagogues after all the damn churches I've been in. Then we wandered around the streets shopping and looking at crap. The wandering around the streets is actually one of the best things to do in Prague. There are so many little alleys and twisting streets that contain great buildings, shops, restaurants, etc. You find some of the best things just wandering.

Last night we had dinner at Red Hot and Blues (which we do not think is affiliated with the Virginia restaurants of the same name, but may possibly be) where there was live jazz. They guy playing guitar was very good, but what really set him apart was his stirring, jazz rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time. Good stuff. After that we drank for a few hours and then went to bed.

Today we're going to check out the "New Town" Square and possibly go to the Eiffel Tower looking structure on a big hill that looks over the entire city. It's so nice out today, it should be a good time to go up there.

I can't post any Prauge pictures right now, nor do I have any more viking Bill pictures (they seem to be the most popular), but I'll try and get some up soon. Later.


m said...

your grandmother thinks you drink too much beer.

Mac10 said...

Quite to the contrary, I was surprised that you haven't had many "drinking stories" during your travels. I know that comprised a majority of my visit to Europe 4 years ago - but then agian, that was only a month removed from my 4 years of drinking at PSU. Have you used your Sean Connery impressions to impress anyone over there yet? Just curious.

NegativeMode said...

I actually have not been drinking that much (certainly not as much as my sister). A lot of the trip I have been getting up early to try and see the sights, thereby reducing the amount of late night drinking I can do. Also, unlike PositiveMode, I don't really like to stop and get random beers during the day (NegativeMode). However, last night I drank lots of beers, and then I had a few more. I will write about that now in a new post.

Oh, I have not been speaking to anyone as Sean Connery, although perhaps I should. That Mr. Connery says some foul things though as you know Mac-10.

Future Mrs. NegtiveMode said...

I can confirm his need to wake up early and see EVERYTHING. He is like a rick steve's clone but on crack and if we didn't stay in Prague these extra 2 days I think he would have caused me to drop dead.

But in his defense his guided tours (with the help of rick) are quite entertaining.

NegativeMode said...

Indeed, I do try and see everything (seriously, everything. Reread my first London post if you don't believe me). However, in my defense, it is completely hereditary. Thanks Dad!

m said...

I understand exactly what you're saying, future Mrs. N. You need a vacation after your vacation. And it is totally hereditary (not my side of the family). But you sure do see alot of great sights. Keep having fun.

PositiveMode said...

I, too can confirm NegativeMode´s zealous pursuits of sights for sight-seeing, as well as his non-preference for random daytime travel beers.