Monday, August 22, 2005

Because You Can't Get Enough

This is the first true viking I encountered in Iceland. He was actually born over 4000 years ago, frozen in a glacier and unthawed. Now he's a lawyer. Some would call him an unfrozen, caveman, lawyer. I call him PositiveMode. National Park in Iceland. Probably the most beautiful place I've seen on the trip thus far from a nature standpoint (Swedish women are a close second).

A Jew in control of Glasgow Cathedral. You could actually see the Holy Water boiling. This picture will win me a prize once I lighten it up in Photoshop. Random German highlander I ran into in Glasgow contemplating his beer over candlelight. Simply chilling.
The German Highlander's identical twin brother who I happened to run into right by the Tower Bridge in London. That crazy German sure loves his icecream. Almost as much as he loves men.
Inspection of the Guard (ceremony immediately prior to the changing of the Guard at Buckingham, except much cooler. Thanks Rick Steves!) Did I mention before that in this picture they are actually playing Beatles tunes?
Some tower in Paris. I forget the name. I do know one thing though, that thing must be 20,000 leagues tall! Mia workin' it in front of the Arc de Triumph. I don't think she wants me to post this, but she's napping, so that's what she gets.
Sun setting over a houseboat in Brugges. I'll try to see if I can get the post-Brugges pictures posted soon. Later.


PositiveMode said...

I was going to make a posting just now but I wouldn't do anything to take that handsome viking off the front page. I'll post later. Sweden sounds pretty cool. Italian girls are kind of hot too.


NegativeMode said...

The women here are at least 20,000 leagues hot.

M said...

Pictures are terrific!Comments are tres humorous!