Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well, I came in here with the intention of posting more pictures, but, of course, I can't from this internet cafe, so sorry. I'll try again later. Glad everyone enjoyed the few pictures that I did have time to post.

On to the travels. Brugge was lovely, and we did go on the boat canal tour after I finished posting. It was very pretty and lovely and all that crap. Nice though. Then we headed to the train station for Amsterdam. We knew we had to change trains in Antwerp, and that it should take about 3 hours, but that was it. Well, 4 trains and 5 hours later, we arrived in Amsterdam. Actually, the delay and ridiculous amount of transferring was not our fault. Apparently, a train had derailed the day or night before and some of the tracks into the city were closed, so we had to take different trains than normally, thus the delay. After the 5 hours of travelling, we went to check in at the hostel, where they promptly informed me that they cancelled our reservation because we were not there by 4 pm and my credit card was invalid. That sucked (credit card is fine by the way for all those concerned). However, they recommended another hostel that we went to, and it actually worked out for the best, as we ended up with a double room with our own bathroom for only about 8 Euro more per night. So, after a frustrating travel day, it all worked out in the end.

The first night we didn't really do much other than hang out and explore the city. The squares are pretty nice places to sit and have a drink (or whatever). Yesterday morning we did laundry, and then met up with PositiveMode and headed for the Heiniken Brewery tour (proof below).
Gotta say, that was excellent. Better than I could have possibly imagined. It was like some sort of bar/mad house mixed into one. Plus, you get three beers thoughout the tour and a glass at the end. Well worth it a great time. Then we rested in the park for a while before heading to the Van Gogh museum. Great museum, especially if you like Van Gogh. They have well over 200 Van Goghs, and it was very interesting to see them all. Pretty cool.

After dinner at Maoz (very, very good falafal stand (thank you Ali, this was my second one!)) we went to see Boom Chicago, an improve show put on by some Americans each night here in Amsterdam. Overall, I'd say it was good. Some things were very funny, some things weren't that great. The improve was very good though. Then we walked around the red light district before going to bed. I must say, the prostitutes that I did see were foul. I mean, fat, old, NOT worth a single euro. Positivemode can back me up on that.

Today we went to the Sex Museum which was funny, and now off to the Anne Frank house. Hopefully I can post more pictures later. Toodles. . . .


Anonymous said...

I'm at work and you are in Europe and for that I hate you. Why don't you go poo on yourself. And yes, this is what I do at work, read your f'in blog you self-righteous prick. I'm posting as anonymous cause I don't feel like signing up for this crap, but based on my miserable tone I'm sure you can gather my identity. And yes, Bill, I said gather my identity. Is that not the right verb? Why don't you correct me and put a more appropriate verb in there you frickin' lawyer. I'll just go transfer some prices.

NegativeMode said...

Sounds like a good time. Glad you're enjoying work.