Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mizzore Prizzogue Biznatches

I have clearly run out of interesting titles for my posts, but oh well, you aren't here for the titles. I am still in Prizzogue (that's what the locals call it. Actually, this leads me to an interesting side note, so I'll just add it here: It is really funny to me to see European "thugs". By that, I mean guys who want to emulate 50-Cent, Eminem, etc., you know, thugs. It's funny though, because they are all these skinny Swedes or Czechs or Danes and they would clearly get their asses kicked in the United States. I enjoy it though. Anyway....).

Yesterday was beautiful. About 75 and not a cloud in the sky. After getting our train tickets for Munichen we took the trolley across the river to the big park on the hill (no idea what the big park on the hill is actually called). We hiked to the top of the hill (not really a small hill, more like a really big hill/small mountain). At this point I stopped to rest because I thought I was going to die from hiking up (there was a funicular railway, but Mia thought it would be better to hike, which was right. Also, I like to say and type funicular). Then we climed to the top of the mini Effiel Tower they have at the top. Of course, no elevator, so we climed the 300 steps. If I had to guess, I'd say I've climed roughly 2,364,864 steps this trip so far. My ass will look superior. It was worth it though, as they views were beautiful. You could see 20 miles in each direction (cardinal directions of course).

After that we wandered through the city towards the hostel, getting some gifts along the way (Don't worry Mom, I got you the heavest thing in all of Europe just like you like. Too bad Dad isn't here to cart it around for you.) After a lovely Italian dinner and some wine we went to the biggest club in Central Europe (I've been trying to figure out what "Central Europe" consists of. Maybe Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia?, in which case it isn't too impressive a claim.) The club was quite large and fun though, although not nearly as nice as Dream (for you DC residents). Beer was only a dollar though, and you can't beat that. Then we went to bed.

Also yesterday, I saw a woman wearing what amounts to "boy-cut" underwear but wearing them as shorts. It was astounding, like she forgot to put pants on before going out and sightseeing. She was with her husband and son too, and there was her ass, hanging out for all to see. I just thought I'd mention that, as it was really quite shocking.

Today we have no plans other than eat at this magical vegetarian restaurant for dinner and possibly go to the Communism Museum (I have been compared with Stalin on this very website, so I figure I'd czech it out (poor joke, sorry)).

Tomorrow, off to Munich. See you there. . . .

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PositiveMode said...

That was a really bad joke. Thankfully you´re leaving that pun-friendly country very soon.