Sunday, August 21, 2005

Some More Pictures (Mostly of Me)

Here are some more pictures of the trip in reverse order starting in Brugges. I may be able to post some more recent ones later today or tomorrow, not sure yet. For now, enjoy these (if you can. My face is featured prominenately in many of them!)(Also, for those of you who aren't that internet saavy, clicking on the pictures will get you a MUCH larger version). Enjoy.

Tasting beer at Straffe Henrick in Brugges
Me, Arc de Triumph
Mia & I, guess where
Me, Notre Dame
Me, British Museum
Me at Trafalgar Square
Me at the Tower of London
Edinburgh castle at night (for the Military Tattoo we saw)
Edinburgh castle (view from our hostel)
Empty Glaswegian beer (seriously, that is what something/one from Glasgow is called):
Glasgow Cathedral
Iceland: One last picture for now:


NegativeMode said...

The comment about the "glaswegian" should read "glaswegian beer". I can't log back in to fix it though. Maybe later. They really are called Glaswegians though (people and things from Glasgow).

ali said...

stunning pictures...i highly recommend the self portrait photograph. its always a winner and takes great skill to pull off.