Sunday, August 21, 2005

Update and Things I forgot

Amsterdam: I forgot to mentino the Anne Frank house. It was very good. Very moving and sad, but nice to see in person. Also, Amsterdam was incredibly dirty, which we at first thought was just normal. However, we found out the second day that the city was actually experiencing a garbage collectors' strike. Not that it mattered at all. Finally, they have a place called Teasers, which is like Hooters, except all the waitresses are hot and they are wearing almost thongs. I stood outside for a while oogling until Mia made me leave. I suggest to anyone going to Amsterdam to eat there and then send me pictures.

Oh, there was an attempt by Mia, PositiveMode, and myself to find the Red Light district, but we were only able to find the nasty ass section of it. We saw some "ladies of the night", but not one was under 50, under 180 pounds, happy, or remotely attractive. There are tons of really hot prostitutes, but we didn't find them. Just an observation.

Copenhagen: Yesterday, after I posted we mainly wondered around the city and had some beers. Then we went out for a nice dinner on the water. It was a beautiful dinner, with beautiful company, and dinner was excellent. Very nice, clean, fun city.

Today: Today we took the world's longest bus ride from Copenhagen to Stockholm (10 hours). It was fine though. Cheaper than the train and a better option with our travel plan. The ride was very nice too. The Swedish countryside is beautiful. We passed several Ikea farms, where they grow rows and rows of modern chairs, desks, lamps, and rugs. Right now, I think it is ottoman harvesting season, so we hope to get a glimpse of a fresh Ikea ottoman in its natural state. Very exciting. Okay, I'm off to eat some meatballs. Wurd.

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ApatheticMode said...

Sounds like you are having fun in Europe. And for that I still hate you. I just wanted to show you my screen name.