Monday, August 22, 2005

The Rest of the Pictures

Now, I know the "viking" from the earlier pictures will be upset, but this may be my only chance to post pictures for a while, so I'm striking while the proverbial iron is hot. Enjoy the lastest:

View from the canal boat ride in Brugges:
One of the bars in the Heiniken Brewery in Amsterdam. They have lots of bottles there:
Mia and I (sorry, my face and most of my body was cut out of the picture, but I got the important parts):
Mia after she fell into the North Sea (or Baltic Sea or possibly Atlantic Ocean, I need to check a map) while trying to get to Ariel in Copenhagen:
My castle, i.e., Castle Rosenborg in Copenhagen:
Mia on a bridge in Stockholm today:
Proof that a Brown Bear in Sweden is called "Bjorn" (See earlier post, especially you BrownBear, or should I say, Bjorn):

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