Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reykjavik Day 2

It´s almost 8 pm Iceland time on our second day here. The weather has been beautiful so far, blue skys and about 55 degrees. Today was actually colder than yesterday.

Yesterday we walked all over the city and then went to the thermal pool. The city has these outdoor pools all over that are keep heated all the time from the heat that rises from the ground. It was great. Even though its cold out, the pool is like a hot tub. They even have water slides going into the pool. After the pool, we made some dinner.

You´ll notice that I said made dinner. We bought some food at the grocery store and cooked it at the hostel. Why? Because Reykjavik is the most expensive place ever. That is not an exaggeration. I´ve been to NYC and Tokyo, both of which are expensive, but this place puts them to shame. We were just looking for somewhere to eat dinner, and the average meal is between 2000 and 3000 Kroner, or roughly 35-50 dollars! Even a can of Coke is about $3. It´s ridiculous. A "good deal" for beer in a bar is $8. Thankfully, we were thinking ahead and pre-gamed with the 100 proof vodka we had in nalgene bottles. Good times.

The sun. It´s light out now and its 8 pm. It was light out last night until about 12:15 am which was very cool. Even when we left the bar at around 2 am, it wasn´t completely dark. The sky was pretty dark, but the sun was not completely down and you could still see some light. Weird and cool.

Today we got up around noon and went into town. Hung out for a little while and then headed to a beach. Of course, it´s 55 degrees out, but they have hot tubs everywhere just like the at the pools. Very refreshing. Anyway, now we´re gonna try and find something to eat for less than $20 which may be challenging. No going out tonight, as tomorrow we´re getting up early to go on an excursion out to a national park, Geysir (a geyser surprisingly) and a huge waterfall. Hopefully, the weather will stay nice and sunny!

Ok, I´m off to spend more money. Hopefully I can upload some pictures soon. It will depend both on my remembering the cord and the abilities of the computer I´m at.

Two parting thoughts:
1) Everyone here looks like Björk
2) The keyboard has funky keys for the crazy Icelandic words, e.g., Þingholtsstæti (ö ð þ æ Ð)


ali said...

good thing the internet is free so you dont have to worry about paying for time and navigating the keyboards. they can be crazy abroad.

Anonymous said...

Ali, I know what you mean. I married a crazy broad. Uncle mark

M said...

I guess what the Heckerts said was true. where did you sleep the second night??

NegativeMode said...

We slept at a guest house. A guest house is something of a cross between a hostel and a hotel. It only cost us the cheap price of $180 for the night! Sweet! I have no idea what a hotel costs, but is has to be at least $300. This place is insane. It was worth it though, as we had a lovely breakfast!

NegativeMode said...

Oh, Ali, the internet is not free. Only at that one bank. Oh well.