Saturday, August 20, 2005

I am Rosenbørg

This is going to be a quick post because this computer blows and looking at the screen is making me ill.

Amsterdam was good. We didn't really do too much after I last posted. Had a nice dinner, hung out in the squares. That's about it.

Yesterday we flew to Copenhagen which is abolutely beautiful. We walked all around the city and just took in the sights last night, i.e., Little Mermaid statute (Mia fell in the water while trying to get to it, very funny), pedestrian streets, parks, etc. The weather is very beautiful and so is the city. Restaurants on canals and the water. Very nice.

Today we got up late and went to tour Rosenborg castle. It's nice to see a castle named after you (if you were a part human, part robot, part Jewish cyborg). Anyway, very beautiful castle. Then we walked down the main pedestrian street to the train station, where we were informed that the earliest train to Stockholm tomorrow is the overnight train. That sucks, especially since we already have a hostel booked in Stockholm and that gives us an extra day here which we don't really need. Oh well, that's travelling I guess.

Now were going to head over to Christiania, a hippy, commune village on the other side of the canal. It's supposed to be pretty interesting. Ok, I'd love to post more, but staring at this screen is making me sick. I'll post more pictures tomorrow. A lot. That's a promise....

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