Monday, June 27, 2005

Adult Big-Wheels

Everyone currently in their twenties had a bigwheel when they were a kid right (socioeconomic differences aside)? Is that accurate? Regardless, I had one (although I never had a new one. I got a used one from somewhere and pretty much used it until I was too big to ride it anymore. Maybe I had others, but I only remember the one. But I digress.).

Seeing as how we all love to re-live our youth, what self-respecting young professional wouldn't want to own an adult bigwheel? Well, now you can have your very own, thanks to the enterprising folks at and their adult big wheels. Not only can these things support your weight, but you can actually fit into them, and they have a real rubber front tire. I can't imagine a beer-olympics being complete without drunkin' big wheel racing. Someone buy one and tell me how they are. You could only be so lucky to look as cool as the young woman in the photo above.

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