Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm So Pretty

Well, I took an animal quiz and apparently I'm a butterfly. I'm not really sure what to make of this assessment until I know what other people have been branded. So, what are you dear readers? Am I a butterfly? I am a handsome, handsome man. Anyway, my results:

You're a Butterfly!

Fragile and beautiful, you work as a good-luck charm for those
around you. People are always happy to see you and sometimes beseech you to reach
out to them as a blessing for their day. Though you are proud of your reputation,
you strive not to forget your own humble beginnings and remember that not so long
ago, everyone looked down on you. All you can do is appreciate the metamorphosis
you made now that you're on its good side. You adore stained-glass

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at the Blue Pyramid.


Circe said...

I have no idea what to make of this.

"You're a Poison-Dart Frog!
While you may be mild-mannered and unassuming at heart, you are actually a danger to the health and safety of those around you. Others like to look at you, but it might be in their best interest not to touch you. Though this isolationist policy can make you feel lonely and neglected, you can take solace in your universal beauty. You are most lethal when licked."

dj skuggs said...

what a dumb quiz. "do you like to get down on all fours?" zah? why am i getting down on all fours? am i cleaning the floor? am i reaching down a drain to get the money to buy a candy bar in which can be found a golden ticket? "do you prefer grounded transportation?" what the hell? that depends. what sort of grounded transportation are we talking about? a bus? a ferrari? how far am i going? if i'm going by air, will i have to fly out of dulles or can i use national?

incidentally, i, too, am a butterfly. as far as i can tell, the questions change depending on each answer, which would mean that i answered each question the same as negativemode. interesting.

i'm also india, love in the time of cholera, and, much to my dismay, north carolina. i would have been south carolina, but it made me north carolina because i said i know what a tar heel is. but why should i be punished for knowing that? if it had asked if i like tar heels, i would have been properly categorized.

lastly, the fact that i completed all of these quizzes does not mean that i endorse them or even that i think they're not stupid. rather, it means that i'm studying for the bar.

Circe said...

I also was "Love in the Time of Cholera"...and I actually was "The Grapes of Wrath" when I changed one answer... The question.."Do you like California?"

Was like.."Sure, what the hell..it looks like a cool state."

And by the way..when they asked if you like to get down on all fours...that was a sexual question dummy. :)

And why were you South Carolina? Aren't the Tar Heels North Carolina?

NegativeMode said...

Of course we're both butterfly's DJ Skuggs. Didn't you figure that out on the cruise?

circe said...

oy...get it now in the light of day..teach me to speed read while intoxicated. You DID get NC...

I need to get glasses or put down the pilsner.

PositiveMode said...

I'm a Scorpion, Mexico, The Fellowship of the Ring, and California

Circe said...

I was Hawaii and New Zealand.

NegativeMode said...

I didn't take the other quizzes at first, but now I find out that I'm Oregon, Russia, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Also, I took the animal quiz again and went from Butterfly to Weasel. Cest la vie.