Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Check out this article from the Boston Herald. A Boston couple was sailing around the world when they were attacked by pirates in the Red Sea. Instead of fleeing, or more likely, dying, the couple rammed the pirates' boat, severely injuring them while their friend opened up on the pirates with a shotgun. The couple was able to get away and their boat is now being repaired.

I'm not sure what the lesson of the story is. Maybe carry a shotgun when you said around the Red Sea? Make sure your boat has a reinforced bow? Either way, cool story.


dj skuggs said...

another good argument for concealed weapons.

NegativeMode said...

Isn't is a better argument for highly conspicuous, brightly colored, cannons mounted to the deck of your boat/ship/dinghy?

Anonymous said...

after reading this, perhaps pirating the red sea could be a profitable venture. Seriously, those so called "pirates" were outwitted by some tourists on vacation. Tubby McCheferstein