Monday, June 27, 2005

Battle of the Bulge

Newsweek is reporting that men's brief makers are taking a que from Wonderbra and creating tighty-whiteys (and greyeys, redys, and blackeys) to give men a nice lift in the crotch region (full report here).

I say if it makes you feel better, go for it, but most "men" (I use that term very loosely) that I know don't own a pair of pants tight enough to make said underwear effective. On the off chance that one of my male readers does have pants tight enough to publicize your newly acquired bulge, I'm willing to say that the underwear is the least of your problems. The article has user reports that range from "[Feels] like wearing your mother's underwear" to "Damn sexy. [Still] it could use some instructions." Don't worry DJ Skuggs, Newsweek has full contact information for you to purchase as many pairs as you like. Please let us know how they work out. . . .


Circe said...


From a girl's perspective, don't waste your money. I don't think any guy under the age of 40 should be wearing briefs. I have enough problems with Eurotrash wearing speedos on the beach, I don't need to see them on a guy I am actually interested in.

Though I have heard nothing but hatred coming from men about boxer-briefs, I have to admit that they are the sexiest option...if that is what is truly important to you.

But really, a girl honestly just prefers that you are wearing clean undies and that they actually belong to you. That's about it.

dj skuggs said...

i clicked on the link, but for novelty purposes only. $79 for a pair of underwear? that's damn steep. it better give me a ron-jeremy-style "lift" for that price.

in any case, i do my own thing when it comes to undergarments, and if you had any idea what that is, negativemode, you never would have shared a room with me on that cruise.

NegativeMode said...

I actually like boxer-briefs for specific applications. I prefer boxers for day to day wear, but the added support of boxer-briefs is sublime for motorcycling. As for briefs, I shall leave that stone unturned.

As for sharing a room with DJ Skuggs, well, I have nothing to say about that.