Friday, June 24, 2005


I found this article very interesting. It's about some guy who decided he would quit his job and sell bagels based on the honor system. Using the data he's collected, he's extrapolated to some general observations about white-collar crime based on his bagel sales. Interesting. You should read it and learn something instead of looking at porn all day.

Also, you may or may not know that PositiveMode is now officially defunct. I know I reported on that a few weeks ago, but its for good this time. It looks like NegativeMode is now the only Mode left for you to rely on (although I must say, BearMode and ModeWatchMode were really just flashes in the pan). PositiveMode, you will be missed, but there is an open invitation for you to guest post on NegativeMode should the muse within you strike. Checks out in NegativeMode sir.


dj skuggs said...

i guess it takes a special person to withstand the pressure of trying to live up to the mode name.

here's to you, negativemode.

brownbear said...

I am sorry that I have not had the dedication to chronicle my silly musings for the world. Are you that proud of the miniscule effort you have expended? Perhaps you are angry that we have moved away from your influence and no longer have time to waste on this silly endeavor. Do you know what they say about childish things Matt? Do you?

NegativeMode said...

As always, anger from comes from Brownbear. Way to play in to stereotypes. If I were to guess, I would say that perhaps you are sad that you are no longer within easy reach of my physicality. Clearly though, you can never move away from my influence as your very comment on MY NegativeMode has proven.

I have never claimed that NegativeMode is a 20 yr. port, but we can't always get a 20yr., now can we Brownbear? Don't ever forget, I can buy and sell people who drink only 10yr. old port.