Sunday, June 05, 2005

Little Ceasar's Adds Popular New Topping

From what I've been told, the usual order of things is smoke pot, eat pizza, repeat. Generally considered a good night in most circles. On a similar note, potheads are a lazy breed. Too much moving and having to do "things" can ruin an otherwise good night. With that in mind, I submit to you, my cheeba-smoking readers, this story from

Bill Sink, his girlfriend Mel, and her two kids were hungry, and decided to order pizza from Little Caesars (they are clearly not potheads, as evidenced by their poor tastes in pizza, but that is besides the point).

They ordered two pepperoni pizzas and ate almost all of them before they realized... what Sink says were some added toppings.

"I noticed it had green looking flakes on the pepperoni pizza," Sink said. "That just ain't right." When asked why he didn't just assume the flakes were dried herbs, he said. "Well, it had little stems in it and then I smelt it and I knew it wasn't basil or any kind of oregano."

The group called police (as opposed to watching Anchorman or listening to Camp Lo), who recommended they go to the hospital. To me, this sounds like a brilliant marketing scheme for Little Caesars. People order pizza, get stoned from said pizza, order more pizza, get stoned from said pizza, ad infinitum. There's no need to ever leave the house (screw social interaction). Great way to sell pizza. Pizza Hut can stuff all the crusts it wants, and Poppa John's can throw in all the garlic sauce in the world, but no way do they sell more pizzas than Little Caesars "Patchouli Pie".

6/6/05 Update: Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the use of medicinal marijuana. Still no ruling about marijuana as a pizza topping. Read about it here.

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Anonymous said...

Will the Caesar be offering this alternative topping on a his creations or only pepperoni?

They can also reach the potheads through "infused" crazy bread, from experience-they are better than the pizza and so dam good.