Sunday, June 12, 2005

Putting the Pee in PSU

I've peed in the Beaver Stadium bathrooms (Penn State) somewhere between 200 and 20,000 times, and not once has that resulted in an invention potentially worth millions. Scott Coren, on the other hand, turned his drunk Beaver Stadium urinations into something more . . . a cup holder. Scott, apparently fed up with the mess that is a Beaver Stadium bathroom, invented a cup holder to be mounted in public bathrooms so you have somewhere to put your beer/drink (full story here). It took him twelve years to finally get the product to market, but it's here, and kudos to you Scott.

One comment I have to add to this though. Beaver Stadium is dry, i.e., you can't buy beer inside. So, unless ole' Scotty boy was up to some beer/liquor smuggling shenanigans, the only beverages he would have had to worry about would have been a water bottle or plastic cup of soda, and why not just leave those at your seat? I'm not trying to take anything away from Scott's invention, all I'm saying is that the only beverages worthy of bringing into the bathroom with you at a PSU football game are ones that you wouldn't want others to take from your seat. And what would be the only beverage worth stealing from the student section in a dry stadium? Exactly. If there is any point to this rambling I guess it's this: alcohol can lead to good things (and I guess I was always too drunk to care if my smuggled alcohol got a little urine on it. Such is life. . . .)


dj skuggs said...

i guess when your team sucks and the coach doesn't have the good sense to know he's lost his touch, these are the sorts of things you focus on.

NegativeMode said...

except when mr. coren was conjuring up his product penn state was on its way to an undefeated season. ass. now, davidson, that's a real football powerhouse.